Salt Skill TM Himalayan Salt products add healthy and gourmet flavor to any meal. Our 5lb fine grain reclosable bag is ideal for supporting your family with one of nature's most vital nutrients. Our hand inspection and packing process ensure you get the best quality salt every time, and we never heat or process your salt with chemicals. The spectrum of 84 minerals found in Himalayan salt closely matches that of the human body and represents a more natural alternative to processed table and sea salts.

Salt Skill TM is the national leader in supplying exceptional quality, ethically sourced Himalayan salt products to the USA. Trusted by many of the nation’s largest retailers, Salt Skill’s unwavering commitment to quality and ethical sourcing is unmatched. Did you know Himalayan salt has dozens of uses around the home, garden and farm?

GROUND TO PERFECTION - After falling in love with Himalayan salt, you will quickly tire of grinding your salt. Our 5lb bag of fine grain salt dissolves quickly and is perfect for cooking, baking, seasoning, bulk food prep and general household, garden and farm use.

FLAVOR-FULL! - The unique spectrum of 84 minerals in Himalayan salt will bring out a bold richer flavor in your savory foods like soups, grilled meats and vegetables etc. Did you know Himalayan salt is great for sweet dishes as well? Try it on a fresh peach, watermelon or even vanilla ice cream for a flavor so smooth and delicate you will be pleasantly surprised.

IS IT HEALTHIER? - With no added chemicals, or heat treatment, we believe Himalayan salt is a more pure, back to nature alternative to processed table and sea salts. Himalayan salt’s 84 minerals also closely match the minerals of the human body, so it stands to reason that it may be a more healthful option.

DOZENS OF USES - Bulk Himalayan salt can be used for dozens purposes. Including, but not limited to: Cooking, eating, seasoning, garnish, post workout smoothies, hot bath soaks, home decor, spiritual practices, cleaning, gardening, pest control and more!

QUALITY FIRST - While the whole world is demanding this delicious and vital mineral, we remain true to our roots and make salt in the old world fashion. First, each large block of salt is washed and cleansed of any impurities, then after grinding every ounce of salt is hand inspected before packaging. This results in an unmatched level of quality. We also stand behind every product we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

ETHICALLY SOURCED - In developing nations like Pakistan (where all Himalayan salt originates from) fast growth industries like Himalayan salt can be susceptible to labor abuses, poor working conditions, and poor quality product. Salt SkillTM Himalayan Salt Co. is one of the only Himalayan salt

companies in the US who source and manufacture their own product. This creates a more controlled and ethical supply chain that you can feel good about.

4 Pack - Himalayan Salt Fine Grain 5lb Bag

SKU: 4-pack---himalayan-salt-fine-g924294673

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